Canvit Health Care Snack Immunity 200 g

€ 3,95

Active immune system support in tasty snack form.
Healthy snack for healthy immunity.

Functional snack with lamb as a complex and irresistibly tasty source of beta-glucans, vitamins, spirulina, and rosehip for active immune system support.

The primary job of the immune system is to detect and eliminate infections and tumors and repair damaged or injured tissue. Chronic infection, inflammation, and tumors have been developed to prevent detection and elimination by the immune system. The walls of yeast cells, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, spirulina, and rosehip are natural substances that boost the immune system.

Canvit Immunity Health Care Snack provides regular intake of active substances that support immune system function. And it tastes great too.

Natural substances and vitamin K boost the immune system. Contains prebiotics, spirulina, rose hip, and vitamin C.

boosts immunity during illness and convalescence
promotes production of antibodies and activates immune system for vaccination
accelerates healing and convalescence after surgery or injury

Feed Canvit Immunity Health Care Snack directly from the hand.

Recommended daily dose:
1-2 cubes per 1 kg body weight

10 cubes contain:
yeast cell walls (beta-glucans, MOS) 50 mg, spirulina 200 mg, rosehip 100 mg, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids (EPA, DHA) 200 mg

Package: 200 g

Manufacturer: CANVIT s.r.o., K Brudku 94, 252 19 Chrastany, Czech Republic
Distributor in Slovakia: FIREDOG, s.r.o., Sokolska 664/38, 900 89 Casta,,